Streamlined visual programming for
stage control iot audio mixed media

A new extensible multi purpose visual scripting toolkit. Implemented in VL, currently under development


Common tasks are a click away. No links or tidying to deal with.


Fully implemented in VL, code of the software itself is viewable and editable in real-time.


Free for non-commercial, educational and evaluation purposes. Pass it around!


Some of the main features

Click click... Click

A Wild fixture appears

Setting up a new fixture output is as easy as adding a node in your favorite visual programming tool 😉

Output DMX via ArtNet, OSC or anything else you can pull from VL or vvvv.


Animation is only a

block away

Even a single block can yield interesting results. Combining them gives you near limitless possibilities.

Clean from afar

Detailed up close

Information density increases as you zoom in. Get a clean overview, go in when you need to adjust.

Like an animation?

Apply all over

Generated behaviors can be applied to any fixture type.

Create a sophisticated animation for your moving head and then have everything else follow suit.

Create an autonomous

Hive mind

Create rules to switch behaviors automatically, based on time, audio or other external input.

All using the very same Block interface.


join a workshop or subscribe

Schéma is still in its early stages of development and many parts are still prone to change.

Although it’s not yet ready for a public release you can join a Schéma workshop where the software is distributed in a more controlled environment. Support its development, learn and provide feedback. 

The first workshop is over, but more are coming.

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